Piper PA-60 Aerostar Series Available For Cargo Charter

Type: Prop Aircraft
National Origin: United States
Manufacturer: Piper Aircraft
First Flight: October 1967
Status: In Service
Number Built: 1000+
Variants: 600/601

The Piper Aerostar or Ted Smith Aerostar is an American twin-engine propeller-driven executive or light transport aircraft, designed by Ted R. Smith. It was originally built by Ted Smith Aircraft Company, which after 1978 became part of the Piper Aircraft Corporation.

Ted Smith flew the first Aerostar 600 in October 1967. It was a mid-wing cantilever monoplane powered by two wing-mounted Avco Lycoming piston engines, with a tricycle landing gear. It was fitted with luxury accommodation for six. Also flown was a version with a turbocharged engine, the Aerostar 601.